Headless e-commerce platform

e-shop admin

An innovative approach separating design from administration to create a first-class shopping experience.

Administration in one place, sell everywhere

Complex e-commerce management platform

Clean and attractive user interface for managing medium to large e-shops.
Management of stock, orders, invoicing, and everything necessary for a successful online business.

Flexible development

Ready for a fast and flexible development via adopting headless approach for REST APIs.

Complex integrations

Focused on the Central European region with implemented specific connections and business logic.


Secure thanks to industry standards and powerful architecture


Client-oriented UI


High-quality support with knowledge of regional specifics

Possibility of growth

Limitless potential for experimenting and growing without any dead-ends


Sell everywhere your
customers are

Give your customers a true omnichannel experience. You can sell your products through web, mobile applications, social networks, kiosks, but also IoT – all from one administration. All features – from product search, through automatic communication, to
processing the order – made clearly and simply.

PaaS+ platform

Seamless integration and continuous evolvement

A cloud-based platform you can connect any technology to via an API
to create functional and modern eCommerce solutions for B2B, B2C, and D2C.


Platform leveraging API-first approach for optimal communication.

Language-currency catalog

Multilanguage, various currencies, and VAT amounts for different domains or catalogs.

Progressive web apps

Flexibility for development of PWAs of connected business points.

24/7 monitoring

First-class architecture and continuous monitoring with 99.9% SLA.

Building a sustainable eCommerce ecosystem

Flexibility & scaling, without any dead-ends

Free yourself from inflexible technologies that tend to create friction in development and scaling of eCommerce solutions. Using the headless approach, you get the opportunity to deliver more functional solutions faster, cheaper, while enabling for optimization and testing of new components without any interference with others.

Switch to a new level of e-commerce now

Choose your plan

Solution is suitable for medium to large eCommerce – if you want to try the world of headless, we offer you a unique option.


gateway to headless e-commerce


up to 10 000 € turnover

1 frontstore
1 language
1 currency & 1000 API request

Knowledge base livechat without SLA, training, migration from existing platform no extra features possible

0% fee & no product limit

0% fee & no product limit


complex solution for a mid-sized e-shop


/ monthly*


/ monthly**

10 e-shops
4 language
4 currencies & requests on API

online w/ SLA (mail, webchat, whatsapp) + Knowledge base

onboarding fee (training and migration) from 900 €
custom features – price on demand

* 12-month contract for 2 988 € and save 2 months
** without contract

0% fee & no product limit


unlimited platform for the largest e-shops


/ monthly*


/ monthly**

no limits:
on frontstore, language, currency or features
only API limit – increasable based on request

dedicated w/ SLA (tel, mail, webchat, wcap business) + Knowledge base onboarding fee (training and migration) from 900 €, for 12-month contract included

custom features – price on demand

* 12-month contract for 9 000 € and save 2 months
** without contract

0% fee & no product limit

All licenses include consultations, regular updates, and basic setup of the initial installation.

Each customer has access to the manuals and technical support.

The direct support service includes contact with a dedicated employee who is available to you during the administration of the e-shop.

The price of the service is 300 € /month

Out of the box


Our platform covers most of the 3rd party connections within e-commerce environment in the Central Europe region.

About us

Meet our team

Our aim is to provide the best-in-class headless e-commerce platform
to make your business ready for growth.

I’m Ivan

Business lead

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Technical lead

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operations manager

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client support and onboarding

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Back-end developer

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back-end developer

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