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TheShop brings an innovative approach which separates design from administration to create efficient, extensible and future-proof shopping experiences.
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Headless e-commerce
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An innovative approach separating design from administration to create efficient and future-proof shopping experiences.

  • Migrate your data easily
  • Get premium support
  • Enjoy the benefits of fast and feature-rich administration
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Build front-stores

Choose and build your channels and front-stores

Enjoy flexibility and efficiency in building fast and scalable front-stores.

  • Flexible development with our development partners
  • Use our read-made frontstore templates
  • Deliver more functional solutions faster and cheaper

Scale the business and increase sales

Analyze the data and improve the customer experience with ease.

  • Analyze key metrics
  • View data from all your sales channels
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Technology & Management

We use these technologies to drive your success

With the help of these technologies and partners, we are able to build TheShop platform and make headless e-commerce a reality.

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